Bringing Codependency Recovery Pioneer to the UK in 2017

Robert Burney’s Trip to UK canceled

May 27th, 2017 – I have decided to cancel the planned trip to the UK for October.  As we were closing in on finalizing the plans for my trip there, a major change took place in my life as I got custody of my 12 year old grandson.  At first it wasn’t clear if he would be living with me in the fall or not, so I pushed the trip back from September to October based on the possibility that he would still be with me.  Since then it has become clear that he will be living with me – and that taking an 8 or 10 day trip to UK would present significant challenges in getting taking care of him during that time covered.  If we would have had people signing up for the retreat and putting down deposits in the over 2 weeks since we posted the page, that could have impacted this decision.  But since no one has signed up, it seems as if it is part of the Divine Plan to go ahead with the cancelation.  Hopefully we can make this trip to the UK happen at some point in the not too distant future.  Maybe even next summer and I can bring my grandson along.

Robert Burney Trip to UK 2017

Book cover

Robert Burney is an author, spiritual teacher and counselor.  His first book “Codependence – The Dance of Wounded Souls” has been called “one of the truly transformational works of our time” and he has been referred to as “a metaphysical Stephen Hawking.”   He is a counselor /coach and Spiritual Teacher whose work has been compared to John Bradshaw’s “except much more spiritual” and described as “taking inner child healing to a new level.”  His book “The Dance”  is an insightful, clearly written narrative that has helped countless people to understand and heal from the shortcomings of their relationships with self and others.  Robert’s work resonates strongly with those that have been fortunate enough to come across it.

Codependency Recovery / Inner Child Healing Formula

A pioneer in the realm of codependency recovery and inner child healing, Robert discovered and developed a pioneering holistic approach to codependency recovery – an inner child healing paradigm – that offers a powerful, life changing formula for integrating Love, Spiritual Truth, and intellectual knowledge of healthy behavior into one’s emotional experience of life – a blueprint for individuals to transform their core relationship with self and life.

This blueprint can be invaluable to people just starting the recovery / healing process, and is often the missing piece that people who have been healing /  recovering / on a spiritual path for decades have been seeking.  What is unique about the approach is that all of the tools are brought together in a focused system for achieving integration and balance – and even someone who has a very good therapist (or is a very good therapist) right now, can still find it very beneficial to attend one of his workshops.

Creating the Possibility of bringing Robert Burney to the UK


Robert Burney

In order to share his experience, strength and hope – and teach others his integration formula – Robert has offered intensive workshops and retreats in the US, Canada, and twice on the Spanish Island of Ibiza, as well as on cruises in the Caribbean.  In spite of having a healthy following in the United Kingdom Robert has not physically presented his work in a similar fashion.

Several years ago Angel Morrison (who had both attended a retreat in Ibiza and been on a cruise with Robert) suggested the idea of working to bring Robert Burney to the UK.  Angel understood the importance of expanding the knowledge of Robert’s work.  Rachel Hawadi who had read Robert’s work (and done phone counseling with him) agreed and the two agreed to volunteer and commit to making this a reality.  This has then given birth to a Facebook Group which aims “To make the possibility of bringing Robert Burney to the UK” in 2017.

As of February 14th, 2017, initial plans are being formulated.  The goal is to make this trip happen in September 2017.  This page is being created to survey people who might be interested in meeting and/or attending an appearance by Robert, to ascertain what formats people would like to have available and where it would be best to offer these opportunities.


It is assumed that London would be one of the locations – and both Birmingham and Nottingham have been proposed by people interested.  Email us to let us know if you could attend in London or want to suggest another location in the UK.


In order to make the best use of Robert’s time the following mixture of sessions could be offered during the tour.

  • 1 to 1 sessions: These could either be face to face/Telephone and Skype sessions for those in the UK.   Depending on availability these can be 1 hour sessions.   Given that the unique selling point of this tour is being able to see Robert face to face it would seem that a “face to face” would be the main offering.

  • Weekend Retreat: A residential retreat in a comfortable, peaceful setting starting on Friday with a 6:30 arrival, dinner and a session until 10 pm.  An intensive session on Saturday which would end on Sunday around 4 pm.  It would be important to ensure that those attending have excellent food and a general feeling of being cared for.

  • 5-day Retreat: A transformative retreat for those needing a radical overhaul in a similar setting as the weekend retreat but going deeper with more workshops, 1 to 1 sessions.  The setting will also be comfortable and nurturing.   There should be an additional offering of holistic therapies e.g. massages, reflexology, yoga, deep breathing, walks etc.

  • 1 day Intensive workshops: These would follow the exact same formats that have been offered and could be done both during the day or evening.  More than likely, evening sessions could be more successful in London – although it would need to be for 3 evenings in order for Robert to teach the formula that he teaches in his Intensive Workshops.  There might be a requirement to juggle between different towns in the UK.

Please send us some feedback so that we can ascertain the amount of interest and what people are interested in so that we can know if we can make this possibility manifest this year.  Email us to let us know.

Here is some of the feedback from the Intensive Training Workshops / retreats that Robert has done in the past.

“I found this session to be very useful in seeing the what & the why of “my” reality.  The understanding I have gained gives me hope in my future.  This has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself.”

“I really enjoyed Robert Burney’s Intensive Training on inner child work. . .  I had many revelations about my inner child and how I can reparent and stop the critical parent that has followed me my whole life. . . Thank you so much Robert.  You are a truly unforgetable person. So glad I said yes to attending.”

“Exceptionally understandable; very clear.  This was LIFE Changing – I am so thankful.  I would Absolutely recommend it.”

“Robert Burney’s training day was so inspirational and enlightening.  He was loving and warm and presented profound life changing material in a very not intimidating way.  Magical!”

“My life has been much better since I went to your seminar.”

“Brilliant.  Liberating.  So profound it is sometimes ! hilarious  I feel you completely get the dynamics of the human experience and the truth you teach can set people free.”

“It was very empowering, uplifting and gave me new hope.  The information was invaluable.”

“Robert is a very , compassionate intuitive, and intelligent soul who shares his insights to you in such a clear, fun, and poignant way that your life will be forever changed.” –  Testimonial Page for Robert Burney Seminar

Email us to let us know if you are interested.

Sacred Spiral

The key to codependency recovery is the inner child healing work I describe on my site:   A key element of that work includes learning to set internal boundaries.  The formula that I pioneered for inner healing – which includes learning to set the internal boundaries –  is something that I teach people through telephone counseling   (It is now possible to get phone cards for very cheap rates from many places in the world – and also to use Skype for free from anywhere.)  I talk about how the phone counseling can work to really change a persons life for the better in a short period of time on this page which includes some special combination offers.

Reading my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls  (links to all of my books in hard copy, ebook, and audiobook format are on that page – or you can get Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks through Amazon) would really help you take your understanding to a whole new level.  Understanding codependency is vital in helping us to forgive our self for the dysfunctional ways we have lived our lives – it is not our fault we are codependent.

In the last few years I have also published two more books that can be very helpful. Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light Book 1 Empowerment, Freedom, and Inner Peace through Inner Child Healing and Romantic Relationships ~ The Greatest Arena for Spiritual & Emotional Growth.  I have special offers for either or both of these books (or for all three of my books) on this page.

I also offer periodic day long workshops to teach people how to apply my inner child healing formula.   (There is now a downloadable MP3 recording available of my Life Changing workshop  – and I have a page with special offers for both the workshop recording and an MP3 download of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. )

Codependency causes us to feel like the victim of our own thoughts and feelings, and like our own worst enemy – recovery helps us to start learning how to be our own best friend.  Getting into codependency recovery is an act of love for self.


The Boy Who Killed Cats – a short story

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Joy2MeU Journal

In my Joy2MeU Journal I tell the story of my Spiritual Path in a series of articles entitled “The Path of one Recovering Codependent ~ the dance of one wounded soul.”  It includes a sub series of articles about how my recovery unfolded to lead me to 30 days in a treatment center in Tucson Arizona for codependency in my fifth year of sobriety.  It was an incredible gift that came about because my recovery led me to having an emotional breakdown/breakthrough while working as a therapist in a treatment center in Van Nuys California in 1988. This is an installment of that saga in which I included a heart breaking short story I wrote about working with adolescents in a treatment center in Pasadena California almost 20 years ago.

The Path of one Recovering Codependent ~ the dance of one wounded soul

“Working in the treatment center put my issues in my face every day.  The program included both an adult section and an adolescent unit.  It was the adolescents that tore me up.  Kids from horribly abusive homes that would lie to the social workers to keep from being taken out of their homes because their fear of the unknown was greater than their fear of the known.  And I couldn’t in good conscious tell them that going into a foster home would be better for them because the system was so screwed up and dysfunctional.” – 30 Days in the Desert – Falling Apart and Breaking Through Part I

Writing the last installment of The Recovery of one Codependent – the dance of one wounded soul took me back to the days when I was working in a Chemical Dependence Treatment Unit in Pasadena, California.  As I mentioned in the quote from that article above, working with the kids was very hard.  It still is not easy.  I am working with a 16 year old right now that is out of control behaviorally – drinking, drugging, having indiscriminate sexual experiences.  She is a magnificent being, very intelligent and obviously an old soul with great wisdom – but she is trapped in a dynamic with her parent that keeps her acting out.  And the parent will not grow up and be a responsible adult – so it is very hard. (This girl and her mother showed up in one of my Update Newsletters a year or so later and that update to the story is included in a blog about God Shots / Goddess Strokes I shared in February 2014)   It is much harder to let go of kids than it is to let go of adults.

Back in those days in the Treatment Center (1986 and 87) there were many kids that it broke my heart to watch.  One was this amazing girl, about 15 when I knew her, who had actually tape recorded her mother beating her when she was 12 and turned her into the cops – incredible.  Yet, she was still fighting to be allowed to go back home to that same mother when it came time to get out of treatment.

Another was a kid named Johnny.  I do not have any idea what happened to Johnny.  I expected that he would be dead before he was 21 – if he was not it was probably because he was in prison.  Johnny was in such incredible pain.

I wrote a short story about an experience I had with Johnny back in late 1986, or early 87.  In writing my last article, I was reminded of that short story – so I dug it out.  It seems appropriate to add it to the Journal here, in conjunction with the story of my falling apart and breaking through, because those kids were certainly a part of my process of getting in touch with my pain.  I wrote this story while processing my feelings about what Johnny said to me that day.  It is not very good as a short story, but I think it conveys some emotional notes that are meaningful.  I cry today, as I read it and remember that skinny kid.  (And cry again on June 29th, 2015 when I read it as I am creating this blog entry.)

The Boy Who Killed Cats – a short story

By Robert Burney 

He was sixteen.  He sat with his hands trapped between his knees as if he couldn’t trust them to be free of restraint.  He sat slumped forward with his eyes on the floor, only chancing an occasional furtive glance when trying to gauge my reaction, or when he was surprised at something I said.“I love you Johnny.”

His eyes stabbed upward toward my face and then back down immediately to the floor.  There was anger in those eyes.  And palpable pain.  And confusion.

“Do you believe that I love you Johnny?”

His head slumped forward farther and his thin body began to move, twisting and jerking as if a series of explosions were going off in rapid succession somewhere deep inside him.

“What are you feeling Johnny?”

“Nothing!”  It was almost a scream or rather the very beginning of a scream that was choked off immediately.

His hands popped out from between his legs as if some huge force of suction had been released.  He started bringing his hands down on his knees, slowly at first and then rapidly accelerating until his whole body was rocking forward in the violence of the action.  The cast on his right hand made a dull thud as it struck his knee.

I had been sitting on the other bed in his room no more than five feet from him when he started hitting himself.  It took me only seconds to get to him, yet he had probably hit himself a dozen times by the time I got a hold of him.

Cradling his shoulders with my left arm and holding his cast in my right hand, I immobilized him in a way that he wouldn’t feel pinned down or trapped.

“I’m such an asshole.”  The first time he said it there was vehement hatred in his voice.  The second time his voice dripped with tears.  “I’m such an asshole.”

“Sometimes you act like one, but that doesn’t mean you are one,”  I said, rubbing his shoulders with my left hand.  “And you know what – I love you even when you act like an asshole.”

He threw himself down on his pillow and his whole body shuddered as the tears came flooding forth.  The sobs that wracked his body were coming from deep, deep inside of him.

I sat quietly on his bedside, watching him cry.  His broken hand lay at an awkward angle to his head because of the clumsiness of the cast.

He had broken his hand earlier in the day by slamming it into a brick wall in rage.  Underneath that rage was incredible pain.  He had been on the adolescent chemical dependency unit of our hospital for 45 days.  During that time he had no drugs or alcohol to mask his pain.  During that time he had received love and support from the staff and from the other patients.   The love and support confused and angered Johnny.  He had never received any at home, and he didn’t think he deserved it.  Being clean and sober allowed the feelings he had been suppressing to start to come up.  There was only one other outlet Johnny knew for his feelings – violence.

His words were muffled in the pillow so I laid my hand on his back and asked him what he said.

He raised himself slightly, propping his head on his cast.  “Why won’t you just hit me?”

“We don’t hit people, Johnny.  I’ve told you that.”  I was having trouble talking because of the knot in my throat.  “It’s wrong for grown-ups to hit kids – I’ve told you that.  It’s always wrong.”

“My dad only hits me because I deserve it.”  He was wallowing in his self-hatred now.  He swung between incredible self-hatred and defying everyone.  He had become addicted to being beaten regularly by his father.  He was trapped in a cycle of violence – as his feelings built up he acted out and pushed limits until he got the release of the punishment he felt he deserved.  Since we wouldn’t punish him he finally became so frustrated he punished himself by breaking his hand.

“You told me that he beats you with his fists.”

“Only because I deserve it.”  He looked so thin and fragile laying there on his bed.

“If you deserve it, why have you thought about killing him?”

“I only thought about that sometimes, when I was smoking Kools.”

Kools were cigarettes dipped in PCP.  Animal tranquilizer.  A boy treated like an animal needed all the tranquilizing he could get.

“You lied to the social worker about the beatings.”

“I had to, or they wouldn’t let me go home.”  His voice was pitifully small as he spoke.  A little boy terrified of going home, but even more terrified of not going home.

“What will happen when the feelings get all built up again?”

“I won’t use drugs, that’s for sure.”  He laid his head back down on the pillow.  “I’d like to be alone for awhile now, please.”

I rubbed his back for another minute and then walked to the door.  After turning out the light I stood looking at him for a moment.  Johnny was going home in ten days.  Home to a father who beat his son because his father beat him and he knew of no other way.  Home to a mother who was too terrified to protect him.

He was going back to the neighborhood that would see him doing drugs again within a couple of weeks.  He would use drugs again because the pain was too great.  The beatings wouldn’t stop it.  His torture and killing of animals wouldn’t stop it.  He would probably kill or be killed before he was much older.  And there was nothing I could do except tell him as I closed the door, “I love you Johnny.”

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The Joy2MeU Journal which contains over 100 pages of content – several million words of original intimate sharing of my recovery / spiritual path and a personal journal of processing through my fear of intimacy issues – is available for sale at special low price on this page.